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  • Boost your confidence with a simple and achievable action plan!
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What Others Are Saying...

Who is Jinell Little?

Certified Life Coach and self proclaimed Identity Stylist for women who have lost sight of who they're meant to be and are ready to redesign the way they see themselves!

As a life and identity coach, I help women uncover the deep beliefs they have about themselves and change their limitations into empowerment and confidence.

I lead by example and teach from experience, so that you can trust that if its possible for me, its possible for you.

  • Stop letting other people dictate who you are
  • Put a stop to the fear keeping you stuck
  • Get honest about who you really want to be
  • Reframe beliefs from "not enough" to "worthy" 
  • Embody the identity that makes you feel confident and proud
  • Change how you see yourself to change how others see you
  • Heal the parts of your identity that have been wounded and devalued so that you can live your fullest life!

Healing from divorce, rebuilding my life, choosing to design an entirely new me that fit the image of who I wanted to be, I have spent the past decade learning, growing and putting these skills to practice and I want to be able to show you how too!